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Lutherans and politics (no. 1): God's Two Kingdoms

This is the first in a four-part series on the Lutheran approach to politics. The goal is to provide Christians with an understanding of the concepts the Lutheran Church uses to inspire and guide its forays into the public sphere.  
The political world that Martin Luther lived in was much different than our own. For example, Luther lived in a time before constitutional democracy as we know it.  Yet there are fundamentals about politics that don’t change. The theological points that Luther asserted in his reformation had political repercussions. This is no different from our own day. When the Bishop of the ELCA writes an open letter concerning some public issue, the Lutheran church is venturing into politics, and it is intended to get peoples’ attention.  What we find, indeed, what we would expect, is that some people view this as a welcome addition to the public debate on issues, while others feel that such forays are unwelcome intrusions into politics.  This is the first in a four-par…

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