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Addressing Gun Violence: the ELCA's recommendations

Where is the Lutheran Church in the current gun debate? Many people have strong opinions about how our church should be involved. First, the church takes very seriously the positive effects of prayer. Christians are to constantly pray for their nation and society, and especially for those who are victims of violence and tragedy. We are even encouraged to pray for the perpetrators. Particularly this week, Redeemer (my congregation) joins all people of faith in praying for those affected by the school shooting in Parkland, FL. Beyond that, what are we to do? Here is a review of a “Social Message” that addresses gun violence in America in a limited way, as part of a larger problem of community violence in our society. In the attempt to help people be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which Redeemer is a member of, occasionally produces “Social Statements” and “Social Messages” on important social issues in our country. (Full acc…

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